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Dad | Husband | Learner
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Hey! I’m Mike Marolla. I’m a husband and a father to 2 wonderful girls.

I work in higher education developing and managing online courses for professionals. Before this, I was a high school Social Studies teacher and a Special Education aide. …

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On August 12, 2008, I had an adventure that involved a Radiohead concert and a tour of Camden, New Jersey.

In 2008, Camden was the seconds most dangerous city in the United States. Just across the river from Philadelphia, Camden also happened to have (and still does) a perfect waterfront…

Do hard things

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Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible. — Alan Kay

There’s a guy at my gym that sometimes wears a shirt that reads “Kick Your Own Ass”. At first, I just chuckled a bit when I would see it. …

Read anything good recently? My list for 2021 is still going strong. Here are 3 interesting reads I came across in the last week or so.

  1. Why the simple life…

It’s going to be ok

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Do you ever find yourself trying to have an opinion on every current event or controversy that comes up? If so, your brain may feel like the picture above. News happens every day. Controversy happens every day — especially living in the current cancel culture…

There’s so much to read. Here’s my updated list for 2021 — still growing.

Here are a few interesting reads from this past week:

  1. Corn Mazes and Mental Models by…

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Have you ever Googled “how to calm down”? Go ahead, give it a try.

Here’s the top article that came up for me when I did it:

Number one on the list was to breathe. Were people forgetting to breathe? A little further down on the list was “Visualize yourself…

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You’re probably tired of the writing advice that says “you have to read a lot to be a good writer”. Let’s be honest, you’re probably tired of most writing advice at this point — I know I am. …

What have you been reading lately!? Here’s my running list for 2021.

Here are a few of the best reads I found for the last week or so:

  1. You’ve Done…

Photo by Jack Gittoes from Pexels

On September 11, 2001, I watched the second plane hit the World Trade Center live on the news from the top bunk of my dorm room. Fast forward a few years and I was entering a world that has been drastically changed by this event. Changes that I didn’t even…

Mike Marolla

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